G0blegable Ban Appeal

Hello ORE Staff. 5 days ago, I said the n-word with B emojis on the ORE discord thinking that no one would take it seriously. I don’t remember why I did it, maybe I saw a random meme on paste pit, but I got banned for it.

I am here to apologize for my action, and I know what I did was wrong. I enjoy talking in the ORE server, and the time I said the n-word was a lapse in my judgement. I promise not to do it again.

Hello ORE Staff. I want to bring up my ban to your attention once again since I’ve been banned from the ORE Discord server for over 28 days, and you haven’t given an official response despite apologizing for saying the n-word, giving a ban appeal, and dm’ing Digi every week. I still have no idea when I’ll be unbanned, or why you’ve banned me for so long. I’ve never gotten closure.

You’ve given a few reasons on why you’ll not respond to me, like how you’re working on the election, or that you’re still scheduling for a staff meeting. This screenshot from Digi got me into the conclusion that you don’t care about my ban.


I’m here not to ask for an unban anymore. I could still tolerate being banned for another month if you guys decide to do that. What I can’t tolerate is the silence. I want to know why I was banned for so long, and why I haven’t gotten a response.

Maybe you’re taking racism very seriously. Maybe I have to take a few more steps before getting unbanned. Maybe ORE hates me. I could even stop the Minion jokes if you dread them. Writing a short reply won’t slow down the elections right?

Thanks for reading this, and please, pretty please, give me a reply.

Ya, this one is on me. We recently stopped using slack for staff chats, which had a channel linked to alert us when someone posted here. Have not set that up for discord yet, took advantage of that channel for a while.

I have been sticking to 1 month bans for all first offense racist posts, given that today would be day 29 and that is 4 weeks, I will unban you on discord now.

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Thanks capo : )

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