Greatest Unsolved ConspOREacies

Post conspiracies relating to ORE or it’s community. Proof is optional.

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  1. capo and nick are the same person
  2. stack is secretly owner
  3. chad is sentient
  4. les is tuke’s alt
  5. tuke is les’ alt
  6. capo and qwer are siblings
  7. kon and koy are the same person
  8. verlio is secretly builder
  9. les is mario
  10. nick only has 3 fingers
  11. vaccines give you 5g supORE powers
  12. don is american
  13. kuggo is a boomORE
  14. qwer is nick
  1. the title of staff itself reduces your productivity by 50% minimum
  1. Engineers cheat on Hypixel UHC.
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  1. All of ORE is a single person with a fuckton of alts
  1. That Stack’s real name is Kevin The Snail.
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  1. Tape isnt a real builder and thats why discourse shows that hes a student
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  1. Staff is pay to win and that’s why Capo is Admin
  1. parkour was created by ore to slow down development of cpus
  1. ORE was created by the government so people build cpus in minecraft instead of irl

That the reason ORE updates to new versions of minecraft so slow is dfoivnjfnviufusnvijiucdfsnhevbbhre nverbucidns cjirnfyer.

Sorry, someone came in and slammed my head in the keyboard. Anyways, what I was saying is dufkcnnjinjwenwfwewijwejfnjwnhnewhie.

I guess they’re not gonna let me say.

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  1. nick is held hostage chained to the server in capos basement

24.Engineers are all part of a secret communist cult.

Wait that’s supposed to be a secret?

Yes, a state secret. WHich means everybody knows it but if you say it in public you disappear.

To styms probably, idk

  1. Pistons invented by ore secret society to cause a rift and slow down cpu development as to not overtake irl cpus
  1. discOREd is a hangout for 5g karin’s that buy charms to keep away the evil power of 5g
  1. Les is actually really straight and is just appealing to the woke left
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  1. Torb is Tony Stark