High Capacity Memory

I am currently working on some high capacity memory. Currently its 28 blocks per bit in volume for the storage, i have not finished the decoder/encoder yet.

This memory is based around items representing Hex digits, so i can technically fit a 20 bit number in the current storage with only changes to the encoder/decoder. (Might be as high as a 40 bit number although this is getting a bit crazy.) The density can be even higher of you expand the base, which only changes the side of the encoder/decoder not the storage itself.

Also i have not looked at access time at all yet and i am sure when i do i will be able to speed it up after my Proof of Concept.

The build so far is on my plot. I will u0load image once I have the PoC working.

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I have decided to do a bit of re-working on the encoder/decoder to make the whole system smaller. I can directly encode the bits shrinking the number or sorters needed in the decoder and making the encoder smaller.

This is the memory storage itself with a bin to dec decoder attached for addressing, This is 16 bytes (Or even upto 32 bits per address depending on encoder/decoder size)

This is a encoder/decoder for a simplified 8 bit system where 1 item represents each bit.

This type of memory has destructive read as the items leave the storage to be decoded, this means to read with out losing data you have to then also write the value back to the memory, much like old fashion core memory.

that looks very cool!

necrobump moment

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