I am JoBe

Some people here might already know me because I’m frequently online on the ORE Discord as well as the ORE Server. For everyone else : I’m JoBe (JoBe_Gaming) and I started my Redstone journey back in June last year, so I am fairly new to redstone, as I got Minecraft on my Birthday (a little late). I did however already know a few things as I watched countless videos and so on about the subject, especially about computational redstone. I tried stuff every day for countless hours, just to improve and implement the ideas I had. I joined ORE on the 18th of November 2023, and I was welcomed by so many nice people that I knew that was the best server to do redstone. As I didn’t have the builder rank back then I mostly build on Mattbatwings server where I was able to learn basic worldedit commands. Some while later I meet JediZach01 and WildScaryFox on Matt’s Server. They both thought me a lot of tips and tricks about redstone and I was becoming better each day. I also meet a lot of friends on ORE, like Wueffi and _Zebek.In February of this Year I got the chance to finally do a Trial and I got accepted. I like to create minigames and Computer parts with redstone. I just wanted to thank everyone for this amazing opportunity of having fun being together on a server and learning about redstone. I’ve learned so much about how to tackle big projects and how to never give up.

ChatGPT said it’s possible

Thanks to all the Friends I’ve made along the way, and also sorry for everyone I made mad (Sorry FrederickAmpsUp :pensive:). Thanks to everyone for this amazing journey.

Why no Waffle i was on rebstome army too and me helped ya also 0.o xd but from my side also thank ya for integrating jobe into the community 0 y0y

Lol. Done. I’m so sorry :pensive:

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Lmao xd

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