I am struggling with life 2

hello ORE. ive recently been thinking about life and ive come to realize that school is ending in to too long for me and im gonna lose basically all of my IRL friends. i dont really know what im gonna do after as ye i know theres collage but like job wise i have no idea how to do any sort of job type stuff as i have no idea what jobs there will be for the thing im studying and the barriers for entry seems so unbelievably high. i also do so many different things in my spare time and i know im not gonna be able to do all of them which is one of the very few things that keep me happy mountain biking, paddle boarding an trampolining just to name a few which are basically all supported by my parents which will be basically be gone once ive finished school. and thanks to covid-19 i missed out on a lot of the time of learning about life than i should have had. i dont really know what im asking here other than i dont know what to do really

also ore discourse sucks smh smh wont lemme fully delete

No offense but I don’t think this is the best place to write about this, maybe talk to family or smth

Do what you want to do, dont feel alone cuz you not all of us are fucked up from covid and losing friends. Whether the solution to you is to get a fun job or socialize online and have fun you will find something that makes you feel happy

No offence but you have no idea what my situation with my family is. (its not bad)

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