I forgot to suggest this even when I wasn't banned! - /p deny command

Hi. One day I remembered about ORE, is /p deny command when I forgot to say that. When I wasn’t banned before, I did want to suggest this one day, but none of staff members were online. Just so when I come back again, so I don’t ask this suggestion. As everyone says, always better to do now than later.

/p deny is pretty much a command that doesn’t let the player go to your plot anymore. It’s a good idea to add it to both /school and /build places. I remember when one player was very annoying: drinking an invisibility potion and starting to wear some dragon, zombie or skeleton heads right next to me in the unexpected time, which, gave me a heart attack. Currently only staff members can do that, but sometimes some player might be trolling when none of staff members are online.

This command is pretty useful and should be applied to every player. Each server that has plots in it, just like ORE does too, must have a possibility for only plot owner(!) to be able to deny players whenever they’re annoying, scaring or griefing. I know griefing will get the player instant ban, again, none of staff members may be online, so the plot owner can first /p deny, and then, when sees a staff member join, report him for griefing.

For those players who may ask: 65 days remaining.

Not giving people access to /p deny is done on purpose on this server.

If you have an issue with a player, please let staff know. If said person is bothering you, you are probably not the only one.


“If said person is bothering you, you’re probably not the only one” this made me laugh

Anyways, sorry for wasting your time on an unsuccessful suggestion.