I got banned for hate speech. 5 days left but i still want unbanned

Name: ProgrammingTank
Time: Not sure.
Reason: Hate Speech
Pardon Reason: my words were not that offensive, i said the message “i hate furries”

Like ngl I’d say “I hate furries” is fairly offensive, and I guess a lot of other members would agree. I think it obviously is objective whether something is hate speech or not but it is fairly easy to see how this could hurt someone/someone’s feelings which is exactly what ORE is not made for.


Following a staff discussion, your appeal has been denied. You said “my words were not that offensive” but you only included part of the message. The other part of the message was “burn them burn them”.

Please note this wasn’t the only instance of you making inflammatory remarks. So keep that in mind for when you do return.