I wonder!

Has anyone in ORE server made an ALU with all the features that a real ALU has?
remember all functions are 255, more precisely, they are a little less, as some are repeated…

I hope to get a good answer to my question. :grinning:

“Real ALU” is a very vague term. The features are somewhat dependent on the architexture. There are also basically infinite functions sooo.

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hmm, you have a little bit correctly, but also a little bit wrong. all functions are 255 and are standard for ALU. my last message has written a summary of the main functions.

this should be a summary of the main features. of course, the architecture of the processors is different, but the functions remain the same.

Those are CPU instructions not ALU functions…

Yes. but they are only functions that are bound to the ALU. that is, such a function command comes to the processor and the control unit converts it into sequential commands specifically for the ALU. this then depends on the same ALU architecture.

then no
I dont think anybody is insane enough and has the dedication to create an alu with 256 different things.

push and pop are not alu operations, along with a bunch of others.