IAmLesbian -> LilAmelia

Hi, I’m Amy (Amelia) and I’ve been on ORE since mid/late 2018 iirc.
I was a staff member for a while but decided to step down after it became more stressful than it was worth.
I’ve gone inactive at times but I always come back because I love the community and the environment we have and people supporting one another to learn more and improve.
The peak of my interest in redstone is probably far behind me now but I can’t know the future.
Hopefully my transition to this account is received well by any who care. I think that’s all I’ve got for now, thanks for reading :heart:


I made an FAQ to help with some obvious questions

Question Answer
How old are you? I’m in my 20s
cpu wen CPU eventually maybe but I’m not up for it atm
Wait did you give away the account and/or name? I still have the other account
Why the transition? I changed it for personal reasons that I’m not gonna get into
Should we call you les or what? I’d prefer to go by Amy now
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ok sounds good!

(if I accidentally call you les I swear it’s not intentional)

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sup amy,

just letin u know cpu wen timer has not reset thus ever more pending

cant wait

cpu wen

cool pfp btw

i r8 8/8

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No worries, completely fine if you mess up as long as you make an effort

I’ll CPU someday and it’ll be more CPU than anyone else’s CPU

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Hi Amy. I just wanna say sry if I say Les!