I think I’ll do a serious introduction this time, because why not.

Hi, I’m Les, my actual name is Amelia/Amy but on ORE I really prefer to go by Les.
I’m a transfemale (pronouns are she/her) and a lesbian (as my username implies (no it’s not a joke for the billionth time)).
I got Builder on ORE February 2019, not too long before the server reset.
I always wanted to learn Computational Redstone, I just didn’t know where to start before finding ORE.
I’ve just started planning out a new CPU so hopefully this one works out alright.
Eventually, I think I want to become a computer engineer, so getting a good handle on the theory of Computational Redstone is something I strive for.
I’m willing to teach sometimes, but it really depends on how I’m feeling.
I only really teach topics related to Builder trials, I don’t feel comfortable teaching anything CPU-level because I’m still mastering that myself.

Lately I’ve spent most of my time trying to enjoy myself while doctors help me figure out what I’m sick with (no it’s not corona, been sick since late 2018).
I do some programming in Python or C++ (but mostly Python because I’m more used to it).
I have a list of programming projects that I want to finish but based on my history with projects I have my doubts as to whether I’m actually going to finish them.
Things like a game I want to make, my own programming language compiler, some kinda GUI builder type program, etc.

Beyond that stuff, I mostly just spend my time on YouTube and Minecraft.
Right now I’m just trying to exist with whatever thing I’m sick with, so I’m trying to keep things relatively chill.
That’s about all I’ve got, thanks for reading :heart:


Finishing projects isn’t nearly as much fun. :stuck_out_tongue:


Much agreed xD


I wouldn’t know never done it

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smh who even is iamlesbian smh who dat

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lmao what a loser, imagine being her