Icyy_Fox Ban Appeal (2)

Mojang Name: Icyy_Fox
When you were banned (approximately): 2 weeks ago
Why you were banned (if known):sent a bad meme
**Why you should be pardoned: Ok I’ve thought about this, and I really want back in the discord server. I know I sent a penis meme and I’m very sorry for that and promise never to send bad memes again. But this is the best server I think I’ve ever been in and I don’t want to have my passion for redstone disappear because I sent one bad meme. I understand there were littler people on the server who might’ve seen that. I don’t have too much time but I really love this server and wanna come back.

8 views, no response, I know I screwed up but I reeeallllyy wanna come back

Your appeal has been accepted and you should be unbanned.
Welcome back! We hope no more incidents happen :smiley:

Oh thank goodness I missed this place