Icyy_fox Ban Appeal

Mojang Name: Icyy_Fox
When you were banned (approximately): Like a few hours ago
**Why you were banned (if known): I sent a meme in the pit that I thought was funny
**Why you should be pardoned: Fine, the meme had a high definition 3d medical xray view of a pp being vaporised but I didn’t think it was so incredibly bad that I’d get an instant ban for it, Sure, it might be written in the rules but who reads rules anyways on discord servers, and more importantly remembers them? The point of a ban is to keep out trolls and people that are just gonna keep coming back to make more mischief, and now, I know that I’ll never post a meme on this server ever again. I’m used to servers where you could probably post nazi propoganda and get away with it being classified as a “meme”. So since I know that you guys are overly strict with your rules, I now know that it doesn’t take much to get permabanned.
I thought this server would atleast have a strike system, but I know now that it’s twitter.
Can I get unbanned so I don’t have to make an alt?

Following staff discussion, this appeal has been denied. You may appeal again after 2 weeks. Take it more seriously.

If I get to meet the person I offended I’ll deeply apologise to them

Wht problems did I cause
Who did I cause an inconvenience to
And also why is there a 2 week cooldown on these? Alts are really annoying to switch around!

It seems you may be under the impression that the ban was about offense, and also that this is still about the video. Allow me to disabuse you of those notions.

  1. The ban was issued because what you posted was inappropriate and a flagrant violation of the rules. Not because you offended anyone, not because you hurt or inconvenienced anyone, but because what you posted was not appropriate — which you should have been aware of as we expect all members who take part in our community to read, understand, and respect the rules. Beyond that, it’s also just common sense; ORE has many young members, for whom such content is not appropriate.
  2. The reason you’re still banned, and why we will not consider another appeal for 2 weeks, is because your behaviour following the ban was unacceptable and revealed a complete lack of respect for ORE moderation and rules. Said behaviour being: posting salty passive-aggressive responses on other people’s old appeals (even after asked to refrain from doing so), and then posting an appeal in which you make it very clear that you do not understand what you did wrong, feel no remorse or regret for it beyond regretting the consequences, don’t respect the rules in any way, and to cap it all off you not-so-subtly threaten to just join on an alt if you’re not unbanned.
  3. Please note that if you join on an alt, your alt will be banned as well, and you will just dig yourself in to a much deeper hole.

Please reflect on your actions, and if you want to participate in the ORE Discord again then in 2 weeks you may post an appeal where you demonstrate that you understand what you did wrong and will make a conscious effort to modify your behaviour to avoid similar incidents in the future. If you had just done this in the first place, you would have already been unbanned.

And a word of advice: if you do end up posting an appeal in 2 weeks, make it sincere- not full of sarcasm, snark, and idle threats like this one.

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