Instant Adders

Hello! I was on ORE a couple years ago and learned some basic computational redstone. I found this forum for it recently when I started getting back into this side of redstone. I still don’t do much on the server (basically nothing) but I am trying to keep updated with the innovations of redstone.

I have seen a couple videos of instant adders (using 0-tick pulses) and thought they were amazing, but I haven’t seen any projects here showcasing them. I was wondering why this is. Is it because of there size? Has a full 8-bit CPU been made 0-tick? Thanks for taking the time to read my probably stupid question.

The new forum is relatively new so there’s not much here in general xD

Instant logic is rare but people still do build them! Here’s an ALU that I’ve built (my plot is a mess lol):

This ALU can certainly be made better but I never spent that much time on it.

I’ve seen an instant CPU before but I have no idea where they are. Like I said, it’s pretty rare. I personally don’t use it anymore, or pistons for that matter.

Thanks for the info. That looks epic! man. i need minecraft again. I can’t wait till I get in collage, then I’ll have all the free time in the world to work on things like this