July CPU Build-Off

Welcome to this month’s CPU Build-Off!

This twist of this month will be;
Your CPU must fit inside a Chunk. The CPU needs to support an IO port as well as a RAM port. And be more complex than a basic fib machine, as in it needs to be somewhat general purpose.

  • CPU must support 8 bit
  • RAM, P-ROM, and IO can be outside the Chunk… But you must have a port for anything you connect.
  • To join the CPU build-off, warp to CPUcomp and ask me or another staff to trust you on that plot. Build in the sky ABOVE the existing CPUs… Please mark your builds with a nameplate above the CPU.

Rules for this build-off are as follows;

  1. You may select an ALU, Registers, Program Counter, and ROM in advance
  2. You have 6 hours to complete the build; overage time is allowed but must be tracked
  3. Time tracking is trust-based. You start tracking your 6 hours of build time from the point in which you have gathered all the parts listed in Rule #1 and begin assembling them or begin design work.
  4. If you must sleep, go eat, do chores, go to work, or whatever during this time… you can pause your timer.
  5. Max team size of 2 players. Although you are free to ask basic questions or for assistance from anyone… The goal is to learn not to win some awards.
  6. No winners, the only goal is to try and see how fast you can build a CPU. Complexity is only a bonus during these builds.
  7. The start time of the build-off will be Fridays at Noon PST and will end Sundays at Noon PST.
  8. Every month a new twist will be introduced. All builds during that month’s build-off must use/incorporate the twist of the month. These can range from an awkward premade data loop of which you must make the best CPU you can… to an IS I provide and everyone must build their own CPU to run it.

when does the buildoff end like whats the max day to submit? the end of the month?

Here is the info you are looking for.