Jxu Ban Appeal

Mojang Name: jxu
When you were banned (approximately): about an hour ago
Why you were banned (if known): “violations of rule 1 and rule 2”. This is what the in game message said as I did not get any message on discord (it just kicked me without warning). After talking to staff they told me it was because of discussion I had on #general about creating a video for people with autism on ORE to talk to normies (neurotypicals).
Why you should be pardoned: The video idea I had was in good faith and not meant to be offensive. I know I have been offensive in my shitposting in the past but this time was not one of them. It should be clear from the context of my remarks following the idea and discussion. Over my time irl and ORE I have interacted with many autistic people, many of whom are my friends on ORE, and I have genuine compassion for them. The positive reception I got from members like Tape also led me to believe my video proposal was a good and helpful idea. I am sorry if my messages came off as offensive because these were not meant to be so.

Sorry we didn’t respond to your appeal sooner. The staff team is willing to shorten your punishment on the condition that you acknowledge some of the wording could be taken as rude and/or insensitive and take more consideration with your wording in the future.

Edit: For context, this is the message in question:

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Yeah I agree that some of my wording could be considered insensitive and that the wording should be done more carefully. The particular example cited was based off of a real-world interaction I had with a friendly acquaintance. We were at a local sandwich place and I decided to strike up a conversation with the guy who happened to be there. He told me he comes there on certain days of the week because he works there and to optimize his Pokemon Go routine. I had to get to class but more subtle signals that I had to get going did not work. This inspired the potential video idea of how to look for social and nonverbal cues about conversations. For Temple Grandin’s / Oliver Sacks’s notion of an “Anthropologist on Mars” [1], anthropologists create guides on social behavior, so why not for humans? Perhaps there already exists books on looking for social cues. I cannot guarantee my experience will help everyone, but I think it could be valuable.

1: Temple Grandin’s Extraordinary Gifts | The New Yorker

She was at pains to keep her own life simple, she said, and to make everything very clear and explicit. She had built up a vast library of experiences over the years, she went on. They were like a library of videotapes, which she could play in her mind and inspect at any time—“videos” of how people behaved in different circumstances. She would play these over and over again, and learn, by degrees, to correlate what she saw, so that she could then predict how people in similar circumstances might act. She had complemented her experience by constant reading, including reading of trade journals, and the Wall Street Journal—all of which enlarged her knowledge of the species. “It is strictly a logical process,” she explained.

We’ve reassessed your ban length, and it has reached its conclusion. Effective immediately, your ban will be lifted; both from Discord and from the ORE server.