Ketari's Builder Application

Minecraft name:


What do you like the most about redstone?:

I think I like figuring out complex problems the most. It’s so fun when you spend hours finding different combinations and ways of doing something, and even if it doesn’t work at the end, the process of making it and the things I learned a long the way is the best part!

What’s a thing you have made which demonstrates redstone knowledge?:

I’m working on a redstone computer kinda thing, and although it’s unfinished, it has everything except the screen / display, and in theory is fully functional. I have no tested it yet unfortunately as writing a program for it is ridiculously difficult…

What does the thing do?:

It is able to take a number input, store things in RAM, execute a program given to it from the ROM, jump to and jump if commands, simple mathematical operations
(+, -, x, /) and hopefully also display info stored in RAM somewhere in the future.

Image(s) and/or video(s) of the device:

Here is a link to basically everything I’ve made, the computer is in the first two screenshots:

What did you make as your trial build?:

I decided to make something relatively unique that I don’t think much people have made. It’s an adder that takes 2 7-bit numbers as input with a negative sign bit each, and outputs a 7 bit output with a negative sign bit as well. Basically, it adds any two numbers from -127 to +127, but instead of using just Two’s Complement, it uses sign bits and a weird combination of transforming to Two’s Comp. and back. I came up with the concept myself and thought it was really cool. Now to figure out how to make the output 8 bits…

What is the warp for your trial build?:

/warp ketari-spawn

Provide your results after completing the ORE Binary Quiz:

Binary Quiz completion certificate:

Completed by Ketari in 6m8.662s on 6/1/2024, 20:15 UTC.
100.00% accuracy with 0/25 answers given incorrectly.

Do you agree with the rules?:


I see the ALU at your warp seems to be a unique version of CCA. Did you make it yourself?
Also, are you able to add some control lines to it to allow some logical operations? like Cut Carry, OR, !A/!B?

Heya! No, the ALU as I explained in the post isn’t technically an ALU or a CCA, it’s a very specific type of adder, and does not really allow for logical operations other then maybe a bit wise XOR output, as that’s not it’s purpose.

The purpose of the device is to take in two 7 bit numbers as input, with the 8th bit representing if they are negative or not, and add them together to produce a 7 bit number output with a sign bit as well.

I made the concept myself as I liked the idea of using sign bits a lot more than purely Two’s Comp. (as they’re a lot easier to work with for multiplication and division), and I also made the entire build myself, including the CCA it uses as it’s core.

Hey there @LordDecapo , sorry for the mention!
I was wondering what is the next step for my application?
Do I need to create a different trial build?
I’m not really sure what to do here, any help would be appreciated!

sorry for the delayed response, I’m really bad at checking these.

I’ll accept this and ask you more about what you made and how you would add an XOR to it.
Hop on and ask me for a trial.