KilledbythePC Ban Appeal

**Mojang Name: KilledbythePC **
When you were banned (approximately):March 3rd 2022
Why you were banned (if known):I made a setup to joke that involved doxing don. The problem was… he didn’t know it was a joke(should have clarified before hand my bad)
Why you should be pardoned:because it was only a joke. I know I messed up. I would really like to say I’m sorry to don because he did nothing wrong and I was definitely the one at fault.

Please keep in mind that DMing staff members is not the proper way to handle a ban. Excessively complaining to or pestering staff is not a great means to encourage them to reduce or lift your ban.

Your ban was extended to 4 weeks when you further described the joke you had intended as being a death threat.

Discord or mc server? Because if it is 4 weeks on the mc server it’s been lengthened. However if you are referring to the discord server then it would be shortened form permanent. Side note: wasn’t the 7 day ban on the mc server for the messages that implied a threat upon another’s body as a joke?

The week-long in game ban was a placeholder while we determined the true length, same with the permanent discord ban. 4 weeks is your ban length for both.