KilledbythePC's first appeal (Supprisingly)

**last night **
I changed my discord name to nickster then told game chat I was going to delete the server.
Certainly! Here’s a corrected version of the message:

I changed my Discord name to Nickster, then told game chat I was going to delete the server. This isn’t the first time I’ve been banned, and I’ve never appealed before (that I remember). So why start now? Well, because in the past, I believe that staff has always been fair with their punishments (except when Capo banned me for a month because I rickrolled him, but that was like 3 years ago). This time is different; I stopped before staff had to intervene. I’m not saying that I shouldn’t be punished; what I did wasn’t right. I believe that 6 months is too harsh. (If you guys did, in fact, spin a wheel like I said… I was joking.) I believe that this long ban was the result of some staff trying to exaggerate what I did and spin it as if I was trying to incite anarchy and purposefully waste the staff’s time. This is not the case; what I did, I did purely for laughs and nothing more. Also, for reasons unbeknownst to me, this ban extends to the Minecraft server too. This doesn’t do much as I lost access to that account. But this would mean I would be unable to join on my alt. One last thing I want to mention is the lack of consistency with other bans. For example, a little while back, one dude said, “I fucking hate black people,” and he received only a 2-month ban (I understand that this isn’t my first action that has required discipline, but the user who I am referencing has just got off a ban for building racist symbols). The excuse that “we hold our higher members to higher standards” doesn’t work because I’m still a student. Even after looking through previous ban appeals, I was only able to find 2 bans of this magnitude, which were for someone who posted pornographic content and another individual who threatened to stab someone to death. People are over here building dick and griefing plots, they only get a two-week ban. I am aware that some staff members dislike me with a passion, all I ask is for you to please read this without regards to anything I may have done to you in the past. I have been very good recently and have tried my best to abide by the rules.

In summary

  1. No harm was intended or done
  2. Not consistent with other bans
  3. I stopped before staff had to tell me to do so.
  4. Most player would agree that this is too harsh

Edit: After some digging it turns out that this technically isn’t my first appeal.

This is all I did for reference ^

This isn’t the final response, just a quick note that impersonation is absolutely covered in the rules.

I should add that the ban length tends to increase as the ban history of an individual increases. So while this might be overkill for a lone ban, it is also taking into account your fairly large ban history.

Do we actually know how many ban I have? I believe it’s only 3 including this one. For how long I have been on ore that’s really not that many. The first two were in my first year. I’ve been a year without getting banned. Stack has like 200 bans, so by comparison I’m a saint.

It seems like you’re implying 3 isn’t a lot. I don’t know much about Stack’s ban situation but I wouldn’t be surprised if most of those are joke bans. Regardless, most members don’t have more than one ban.

Following a staff discussion, your appeal has been denied. You may attempt another appeal but we recommend waiting and considering why this one was denied first. Specifically, we’d like you to wait at least a month before a follow-up appeal.