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On this post, I’ll be aggregating links from our Discord server. Each different reply will contain different categories of links


Computer-Related Courses

Carnegie Mellon Computer Architecture course

Collection of courses curated by Jonay2000

Dr Ben H. Juurlink’s Youtube channel. Various lectures on computer architecture topics

ednutting’s Computer architecture in Minecraft series

Internation’s Computer Organization and Design Fundamentals YT Series

LBEbooks’ youtube playlist on Digital Design VHDL

Onur Mutlu’s lectures on Digital design and Computer Architecture at ETH Zurich (ENG)

Professor David Wentzlaff’s computer architecture course

Udacity’s Georgia Tech “HPCA” course - High Performance Computer Architecture

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MC Redstone Videos

adequate aftix’s video on hex addition (signal strength)

bennyscube’s carry cancel adder explanation video

Computational Redstone Tutorials by Robolta (IAmLesbian)

Computational Redstone Tutorials playlist maintained by DataCorruption

iPlayGames’s (AhaWarrior1) Youtube Redstone Tutorial series

Jay’s (GamingPatriot’s) playlist onf n00b_saurus “Basic Computer Concepts” series

Lysus’ video on MC ALU’s

Maizuma’s video on the many uses of RS Nor latches

n00b_asaurus’s video on decoders

n00b_asaurus’s “logic matrices” video

PlexusMC’s video on Computer Logic Gates

Redstone Without Limits’s channel. Restone tutorials and computing videos

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PDF Resources, Lectures and Articles

Agner Fog’s collection of manuals for optimizing x86-64 family microprocessors

Calm Energy’s study/review videos of Intel instructions

Computer Organization and Design. Chapter 5 “Advanced Material: Implementing Cache Controllers”

Creel’s x64 assembly video tutorials

Elowar.com’s Amiga Dev website: Amiga’s blitter

Geeksforgeeks’s into to control units

Intel64 and IA-32 Architectures Programming Guide

Mitja Rihtarsic’s article on general binary-coded-base conversion

Quinapalus’ article on CORDIC-like algorithm for natural log and exponentiation

Qwerasd’s lesson on binary

RISC-16 Architecture lectures by Bruce Jacob (PDF)

Ruochi Zhang’s “Hack CPU” article

Wikipedia article on Double Dabble

Wikipedia article on Kogge Stone Adder

Wikipedia article on algorithm that finds shortest LFSR

Wikipedia article on Negabinary

Yonghong Yan’s lecture on pipelining

Yonghong Yan’s Lecture on RISC-V pipelining


Logic Simulators and Calculators

32x8’s Karnaugh map generator/solver

Circuit Simulator by Paul Falstad, ported to JavaScript by Iain Sharp

“Logic Circuit” is a .Net-based, free, open-source educational software for designing and simulating logic circuits

  • supports interactive sub-circuits and has high-level components

Number conversion calculator by RapidTables

University of Waterloo’s online LFSR solver, using the Berlekamp-Massey algorithm

visual6502.org’s 6502 simulated in HTML5

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James Sharman’s YT channel, he builds circuits from basic building blocks

LordDecapo’s FPGA discord server

Lucid Chart: a drawing tool

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