Loiuy123 Builder Application

Minecraft name:

What do you like the most about redstone?:
I love the process of going thru all this pain and suffering while making something and then after countless hours I can watch and admire my project. Also, the fact that not many players are able to build or even understand what we are doing is really awesome.

What’s a thing you have made which demonstrates redstone knowledge?:
I made 3 CPU’s, the latest one - LimeCore is my best so far. It is an 8 bit CPU with 64 lines of ROM, a fully functional ALU and my own dual-read registers.

Image(s) and/or video(s) of the device:

What do you plan on making for your build trial?:
I could make Comparator Primed Number Comparer or anything else.

Do you agree with the rules?:
Of course.

Accepted for trial! Hop on the server at mc.openredstone.org and ask a staff member for assistance.