MATTRESS (MinecrAfT TRavElling SyStem)

I, Tukeque, propose a Minecraft Traveling System (MATTRESS) for the ORE survival server.


  • Cheap, Easy installation of a garage with communication to the main road.
  • A road reaching all if not most bases on the ORE survival server.
  • Maybe a Road in the Nether for faster movement.

How to use:

Step 1: Place a minecart in your garage and hit the button to start moving
Step 2: When you find a station, the forward lights tell you where you are going to go and you can change it by flicking the lever. When you’re done choosing where you want to go, Press the button on your left/right and press down the W key
Step 3: Repeat until you’ve reached your destination, there should be signs at each station telling you where you go.
Step 4: Profit!

Why make this if something like elytra or boat is faster?:
Cuz its fun and boat is too frictionless for a real car feel :man_shrugging:
Also why not?

  • Yes - I’ll contribute
  • Yes - I’ll not contribute
  • No

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E-Pearl cannons in nether better

/tp better

This is for survival

I never said it wasn’t

I think MCTS (MineCraft Travelling System) is better for the title

This is from multiple survival seasons ago