MNbiom Engineer Application

Minecraft name: MNbiom

What’s a thing you have made which demonstrates sufficient engineering knowledge?: I made a MNPU1, which is my first pipelined CPU.


  • 8bit ALU
  • 5bit opcode
  • 3bit operand
  • accumulator architecture
  • 8rt(1,25Hz) clock
  • 4 stage pipeline(Fetch, Decode, Execute, Writeback)
  • uses data forwarding to prevent data hazards
  • 64B iCache
  • 256 pages (total PROM = 16kB)
  • 7 general purpose registers(register 7 is used as pointer)
  • 8 I/O ports
  • 64B RAM
  • 28B data stack
  • MCHPRS compatible

ISA: MNPU1 - ISA - Google Sheets

What engineering work went into designing this device?:
Main goal of this CPU was to achieve a clock speed of at least 1Hz, implement RAM, I/O ports and iCache system.
I started building with a data loop which was 7rt at first but after implementing data forwarding logic it was 8rt. Then I connected it to Control Unit and iCache which I had done earlier. There I encountered first problems, which was unsynchronized writeback and a broken data forwarding controller. After some debugging, I got it working and started working on immediates, which wasn’t as hard as I expected. Then I added jumps and branches. This part was the hardest because it conflicted with almost everything I was trying to add. Fortunately, branch result was given fast enough to stop instruction after branching from executing (1rt to slow , but latch need 2rt to update). Then I added RAM and I/O which somehow worked without much debugging. Last thing I finished was page swap logic that I had already prepared, and data stack that was mainly meant to fill empty space next to the RAM.

After 2 months of work, I finished it and ran programs like:

  • 1 Player Pong
  • y=ax+b graph
  • 16bit fibonacci sequence
  • collatz conjecture
  • calculator(add, sub, mult, div)
  • bubble sort

In future i plan to try making hexadecimal cpu.

Image/s and/or video/s of the device: engineer application - Google Drive

can we see more images of the cpu itself?

Done, I pasted wrong link.

hmm yes good cpu. can conform it can do ball bouncing

also your welcome for the mchprs testin :slight_smile:

my welcome?

Following a few discussions, we have decided to accept your application.
Apologies for the significant delay.

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