NxunIsMyHomie Ban Appeal

User(s): NxunIsMyHomie
When: Today around 7pm
Description: I was being stupid earlier by annoying a fellow student (IAmNxun) and did not respect him. I said some jokes which offended people on the server and I want to apologize for doing this. I was being immature. I kept tping to him when he was annoyed and wont ever do that again.It was very stupid to do.

Thank you for your apology. You also changed your username to NxunIsMyHomie, which he didn’t appreciate. Mojang only allows username changes once every 30 days. Do you want to comment on that?

Well I will change it after 30 days but can I maybe apologize to him face to face?

Sure, but I would like your comment on it. You’re being accused of purposefully annoying Nxun. Was this intentional or do you have a different explanation?

Well yes,it was on purpose at the time being immature. I know it was definitely the wrong way to act. So as a short answer it was intentional annoying him. But with the jokes did not think they would be that offensive.

I can relate to the jokes part, right there. We’ll get back to you soon

Okay thanks.

wait, what were the offensive jokes? (if I’m even allowed to post here, I’m genuinely curious)

Kind of wanna keep that private…

Staff has decided to unban you. Simply put, the incident is not considered significant enough to warrant a ban. Your patience is appreciated

Thank you,if you want I can join when I change the username. It is fully ur decision.

No need

Hey the ban is still popping up when clicking Join Server.

Comp saving the day! I have unbanned you.

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