O7 Technoblade, may you live on in ours hearts

If I could say some words to Techno, these would be it. How I stumbled across techno was when my sister kept talking about him. So I searched it up, he had around 7 million subscribers. Right after the potato war 3. Even if he dies in this world, we will always remember him. If we remember him, he will never NEVER truly die. I wish I was not on vacation at the time. When I fell asleep 2 days ago, I felt like something was gone. Something was missing in the world, boy did I not know it was this. Techno was always one of my favorite creators. Although I never admitted it. I love the fact he stayed positive the whole way through cancer. He was truly a good person, he did not deserve to pass this early in his life. Who knows, maybe the saying “Only the good die young” is correct. Anyways. Mad respect to Technoblade, he will live on in my heart to someday I pass. I know I am not the only one who will remember him. God bless Technoblade. o7 he was a good person.


Technoblade never dies!

Technoblade never dies!

This Thread never dies!

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