ORE Monthly Competitions (Updated)

Competition Info


  • THEME POLL: Prior to the competition, a list of potential themes will be announced along with a poll. This is how themes are determined. You can submit a vote using /vote in game.

  • COMPETITION DAY: Competition themes are announced when the build period starts, this is to prevent competitors planning ahead. Competitions begin the 1st Friday of each month at 3pm EST. The competitions conclude 9 days later (3pm EST on Sunday unless otherwise specified).

  • JUDGING: Shortly afterwards, judging begins with the event organizer (IAmLesbian) and any staff all in a Voice Channel. Each submitted build is demonstrated and reviewed to the best of everyone’s capability along with the answering of questions if the competitor(s) responsible is available. Following the review of each build, a vote is made public to competitors so they may pick the winner(s). A competition build is put on the vote if it meets the requirements of the competition theme. Quality of the build is entirely ignored for this purpose, but functionality on fundamental parts may be considered.

Basic Info

  • A given competitor can win, at most, 2 competitions in a row. They would be allowed to participate in the following competition, but they are unable to win until the next one.

  • Each competition has requirements, beyond the information here those are the bare minimum requirements. If you are unsure if something is/should be allowed then don’t hesitate to ask IAmLesbian (the current event organizer).

  • It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure, not only that the build is completed, but also that it functions as intended. Fixes should not be expected after the build period has concluded. It should also be ensured that the build is submitted using /comp team finish. Failure to do so will likely result in your build being ignored entirely.

  • On the competition server, water flows, items drop, tnt explodes, etc. It is different from the Build and School servers so competitors can take advantage of more vanilla mechanics.

  • Pre-existing resources are permitted.

    • Credit is required when using another player’s builds.
    • No one build (by another person) should make up majority of your submission.
  • Staff has mostly agreed that staff members aren’t able to win competitions, so they will also be removed from the final vote.