[Other] Seasonal borders dispute

User(s):Hyperholy, Eithanz
When: Just now
**Description: While seasonal was empty I erected a temple on the water next to the public farm in empty water, built on four pillars with a glass floor The build was around 15 long and 8 wide. later on Eithanz complained when I had logged on after dinner about my build in his space, claiming it ‘ruin the view’. The build was on empty space. Near a public farm. On a cramped survival server.

What I do not understand is how Eithanz can be the defacto mayor of the village which is the server spawn, there was no election no reminder that he had control over zoning and everything had to be parsed through him for approval,

I had considered this the hub of the seasonal world and Eithanz just a resident with his house on the side, When I build my temple (with room inside for bed, study chests) it was an eyesore obscuring the water (mind you next to the enourmous farm) I was asked to unbuild it.

I don’t want to distort any facts, Eithanz offered to relocate it, I declined until futher judgement by moderators, afaik it hasn’t been unbuilt against my will.

If i forgot anything I’ll append it to this thread**

Although I think there should’ve been some kind of discussion before a (semi)large building is put in such a shared village space, the room wasn’t reserved for anything if I’m not mistaken, and it just comes down to compromising between the two of you.

Question, why did you disagree wanting to move it to a better location?

Eithanz considered the area as his and wanted the empty space left as it was

As I said before server was empty and I saw the public buildings and I wanted to make a public building (with a room for my base) and considered it public area and hadn’t filled out a form and waited 2-5 buisness days for approval

some points missed:

  1. the server is not cramped, i have attached a picture of the server map
    and marked areas open to build in, area 2 was open at the time of
    hyper building the building and mostly in the middle of
    the neighborhood and as such was not against his claim of
    not wanting to “be in the middle of nowhere”
    1.5. i would also like to add that the server is somewhat small relative to a normal minecraft world, however i do also want to note the relation to active players makes it so there is a lot of space left in the world, i do understand wanting to be close to people is a factor but if he had built it on the outskirts slowly more builders will be built and it wont stay the outskirts for too long
  2. technically i agree that everyone can build wherever they like
    but i also want to bring to everyone’s attention that there are some unwritten laws
    one of them is asking for permission, making sure everyone is ok with what people are
    doing, if you want to make a house, a building, a community gathering space, you ask people "hey can i build this here? would you mind?, its common courtesy and EVERYONE except hyper has done so in the
  3. as for the “public farm” its public to USE and marked so in a sign, the sign also says “eithan’s” stating its my area, mine, and not for public change, it is only for public use as i saw not many people have food sources at the start.
  4. as hyperholy said i do want the place for its view, the ocean scenary is nice to look at through the border while i fish in the boat, aswell as just looks really nice as an open beach, TukeQue which also lives in close proximity to the building has also stated that the beach and the seaside is a major attracting point of the neighborhood

finally let me summarize my point, it was near my farm, in between my boat and camping area, behind my chicken farm that much for the area claim and idea of it being near me enough to require permission
also permission was not asked nor waiting for me to get on it was built when i logged off, as i stated its common courtesy to build in the area near people just to make sure nobody is hurt or dislikes the idea or place of the building and as Qsmally stated a building of that size should be checked with everyone in the area for permission

ill also say here I DO NOT SEEK PUNISHMENT this is a FRIENDLY dispute and i love hyper, all i want is the building moved to a different spot that does not obstruct the sea or my view of it, i offered to move it on my own to a place chosen by HyperHoly and the offer still stands.

i might’ve skipped over a few points i had in the original chat discussion with hyper and if so ill also reply with them on this discourse.

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ive missed the part where HyperHoly talked about the leading of the neighborhood
No, officially i am not a mayor, no one called me as such, it was just i located my house there first
and from there people just asked me if they could build next to me, its the same as villages having elders who decide the major things in the village, its not out of election but respect to them

Also for Hyperholy’s view on the neighborhood, sure it is an active area now, and i wont assume anything ill just state from reading and asking people its possible to learn im just the guy people go to when asking about area to get, its as i said not because i was elected just because of respect. i was the first to build there, and from there on this is how it is.

mark tjis as resolved

Thanks for keeping it civil!