[Other] Stupid ahh elevator

about 5 mins ago
i was with hyper wondering where his base was and he brought me into a tunnel with a water elevator (no soul sand) and i go up and drown so i go to get my stuff and find it missing from both the bottom and top (keep in mind this was in under the 5 minute despawn time which leads me to believe that he took it or has bunted/moved it and not telling me

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i dint take naything

im jus silly pilled

i made an elevator me being poor i dint have sool sand so i make without just enough that if you sprint and press space looking up you make it out with one bubble im at a loss to how peopel drown in this
as for the items i didnt take and staff may need to check the item despawn time as firetick was removed for lag reasons and i can imagine to get rid of all the saplings from the forest fires they reduced item despawn time

Don’t post on reports not related to you

Your report is currently under review and you should receive a response within the next day or so.

Either this was handled and not properly recorded or it wasn’t handled and it’s been months since. Either way I think it’s fair to close this incident. If this is still a concern, feel free to make a new incident report and we’ll revisit it.

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