ParadoxSubject's Builder Application

Minecraft name:
→ ParadoxSubject

What do you like the most about redstone?:
→ When I started playing this game, I’d always make that secret piston door when building a “hidden” base. Now that I’m studying a computer engineering degree I’ve started a new project, and that is building a CPU in Minecraft. I love how redstone will always be a way of creativity in the game. Even if it’s just the simplest thing, it’s always a challenge of creativity for me.

What’s a thing you have made which demonstrates redstone knowledge?:
→ I’ve made an ALU and connected it to a dual read register bank.

What does the thing do?:
→ The ALU can do these operations:

  • Add/Sub
  • AND/NAND bitwise
  • OR/NOR bitwise
  • XOR/XNOR bitwise
  • Shift Left Logical
  • Shift Right Logical
  • Shift Right Artihmetic

Image(s) and/or video(s) of the device:

What do you plan on making for your build trial?:
→ I’m planning on building an ALU, starting from a CCA adder. I’ll also build a small memory to write any example operation.

Do you agree with the rules?:
→ Yes.

You’d be fine to just build the ALU without additional memory, assuming it has the operations listed higher up.

This application has been accepted! Whenever both you and a staff member are free, feel free to ask them for a trial. You are able to try again after failing and waiting 24 hours. It is always recommended to do a practice trial with another member before starting your real one and to practice the questions found at ORE Binary Quiz to help prepare for some of the trial questions.