Peptobepto Ban Appeal

Mojang Name: peptobepto
When you were banned (approximately): today around 30 to 45 minutes ago
Why you were banned (if known): I was banned for 2 weeks for sending a link that was nsfw.
Why you should be pardoned:
I had no idea that it was nsfw. if I had put some more thought into it It would have been clear to me that it was nsfw but I remembered it being like a video of a dog peeing or something idk (its not that). it was a dumb thing to do and I should really check links before I send them. I would never have sent anything like that had I known its severity. finally I would like to bring up a conversation that happened yesterday on ORE (that I was not a contributor to), a very NSFW conversation at that. I wont get into details but they were talking abt seggs and naked people and periods and yada yada yada. yet there was only a verbal warning by don and that was it. I’m sorry to point fingers like this but it seems like I have been given an unfair punishment considering what has been let slide in recent history. I’m not asking to be outright unbanned because what I did was wrong. all I ask is that my ban is shortened to a few days or even a week. thank you for understanding.

Following a staff discussion, we have decided to reduce your ban down to 2 days total. This should be updated shortly.