Pherdo Ban Appeal (2)

Mojang Name: pherdo
When you were banned (approximately): june 18th 2022, 8:02pm GB time: ban expanded
why you were banned: I was banned because i was mean and toxic I was rude to the mods and players I made a false appeal and disrespected staff and misconduct behaviour?
Why you should be pardoned:
I undertsand you might not unban me but that doesnt matter all i just want to say is sorry i was very mean and selfish i shouldn’t of acted like that but it’s not my thought i got anger issues and I’m reuploading the appeal because i didnt know you have to put a mojang name and stuff like that but I would very like it if you would read my apologizing letter to all the mods out there I was never right to act like that. I’m so sorry.

Hey iamlesbian or the other mods out there. I never even said i quit the sever and you should’nt judge people you dont even know about people before you heard their story and how they are feeling or whatever issues you have, you probably will still don’t care and i will probably be banned forever.

Nobody ever asked if I had anger issues? No did you ask me? Did Paukku ask me? No Did don ask me? No Did nick ask me? no thats the issue, i have trust issues maybe you ever thought how it feels to be me, to be in my shoes, you never thought how is it to be me. I cant help anger issues its not my fault is it?

I can sometimes do awful things and forget it in a couple of minutes and why something happend or whatever. I hate people interupting me, I felt like other members were making the situation worse by acting like its their business to talk about us arguing, I think people are trying to make things worse, thats why I’m starting to think it is an awful community, like people are against me just because i got anger issues i can’t help my self with it and people judge me for who I am.

Yes, I understand that I was wrong about arguing with people and being toxic, I just can’t help it. It feels like people are trying to make me mad on purpose. One second i can be mad and 2 seconds later i might be calm or really upset. I think the issue is in me. It’s just I’m starting to think the issue is in me and thats why everybody hates me. The post i posted earlier wasnt right I shouldnt of done that, I was mean and rude to the mods and people and staff I shouldnt of been that way. I cant help it, I had anger issues since i was 5. I’m really sad i did things like that I never was right i was mean to most of you. I shouldnt act like that I’m just feel like im an horrible person or a monster I feel like nobody likes me, I get bullied in my school I never really had friends my best friend turned against me, starting to talk about that makes me cry, i should be honest I was really sad for what I did while writing this appeal. When i first joined I liked the community everyone was nice to me, I really think the issue is with my attitude and my stupid behaviour. But you have to understand some people are different, I cant help my self. I cant. Please can you forgive me. i was never right about treating all of you awfully, I didnt create this appeal because i wanna play the server. I did it because i feel awful about me, I was wrong. Sorry. I feel wrong. and horrible. Im just so sorry for being all mean to you its not sam_glad’s thought or whiskers or anyone’s elses its only mine just because of my issue that I couldn’t help.

I dont think you ever had been through what I’ve been through people were racist to me because of a language I speak, I dont think you got bullied in school or anything, I dont think you felt like everyone turned against you I feel like a monster because i can’t help my self with my issue and i probably hurt a lot of people on this community I feel awful at this point, I’m crying about this. I just feel hurt and that I feel that everybody is against me and hates me I better be off banned for ever i think I could just say thank you for the experiences i had on this sever. Im sorry but it will be bet off without me i think because im an issue for people and people get banned because of me im. I’m just sorry.

I’m still not going to prob get unbanned but I hope you accept the fact im sorry, I was wrong and I never said I’m gonna leave the comunity leb well Openredstone was quite a nice experience for me except from all the drama and I hope you still will have fun without me. I probably only was a pain here and probably no one even liked me but i really hope everyone accepts my apology i wasnt wrong anyway about being toxic mean and disrupting chat and thats pretty much it i think.If I do get unbanned its gonna be shocking for me, but I should’nt of been like that and it wont happen again. And i think the last time I’m gonna say it I’m sorry

MORAL: never do stuff like me I’m thinking I’m a monster because of what I have done just don’t be like me.


I will completely understand if i wont get unbanned really sorry to the mods out there. I was wrong I think I kinda was a pain to you mods anyway.

First things first, you’re not going to be unbanned for a little while at a minimum, no matter how much of a turnaround you make. You messed up and you’re going to face the consequences for that. You covered a lot throughout the appeal so I’ll do my best to address it.

Multiple times you’ve brought up anger issues and such, talking about how you’re not at fault for that. In this situation, whatever the cause, your interaction with others has broken our rules and had a negative impact. This calls for a punishment which was given accordingly. We don’t need to know every aspect of a person before punishing them, if you’re negatively impacting our community then you will be punished.

You brought up various aspects of what you’ve experienced: Bullying, racism, etc. You also made the assumption we haven’t experienced anything similar. You made a point about wanting people to get to know you better before judging you, but here you judged us without getting to know us first. And to tie things back to my earlier point, we don’t need to know every aspect of a person before punishing them. At least anger issues might be related to the situation, but this stuff isn’t relevant to your punishment.

You talked about how you feel sorry and feel like a monster for what you did. We don’t hate you for what you did, it’s not unforgivable or anything. You just need to accept your punishment and move on.

Your ban hasn’t changed, it stands that we will unban you once:

  1. At least 1 month has passed
  2. You submit an acceptable ban appeal
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okay but what does the 2 mean i dont get a clue about that it makes no sense

well i think the couple paragraphs you wrote were a little rude i aint probably returning to the server i found the place what is best for me so i dont really want to come back that was really rude you are not being a nice mod.

is this not an acceptable ban appeal seriously i better just delete this post and forget about this server you are the 2nd rudest person i ever spoken to you, seriously can you not be nicer, you just thing you are a punk and you are cool for having some crappy mod powers and you say *it is negatively impacting this community ur the negative impacter just thing who you act you are, i anyway still found a server which is better than this with nice posotive people nice posoitve mods maybe thing about the moderation team maybe be nice even chad the bot knows that you should so seriously just think you act like and who you are for doing this is it nice? is it appopriate? is it helpful? i dont think so think about you’re actions i dont care who you are and i dont wanna hear who you are so please be nice to everyone else atleast rather than me, you all act silly especially after i seen the posts about i dont remeber what it was but be nice to everyone else i dont care if its me you can be rude just act like a sensible adult not like me, i aint sensible , i think? So just think about if other people see the rude reply you made, you dont care about me i dont care about you, i dont think you are nice or horrible in general im just telling you to be sensible leb so dont act like that.

The response was not a decision I made alone. We’ve decided to lock the thread.