[Player Conflict] Can someone tell them to stop?

User(s): drzxcv
When: Last time: just now
This player did not break any rules. I want you staff to tell them to stop making jokes about “hi someone”, here’s an example:
75rx: Hello everyone. I’m on a vacation
drzxcv: hi on a vacation

The thing is, many players like this joke. But I don’t, and never liked it.
I am asking drzxcv to stop responding with “hi xxx” once I chat something like “I’m xxx”. I use the word “I am” commonly, not just to describe who am actually I.
Personally, for me, these jokes are annoying. I am asking drzxcv to stop one too many times, but they don’t, so what I want is, to ask staff members to stop making jokes about “hi someone”, but only on me. It’s fine if drzxcv does the same joke on somebody else.

So what I want is, I want you, staff members, to tell drzxcv not to respond with “hi …” when I chat something that includes the word “I am” or “I’m”.
Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

After a quick conversation, drz has agreed to stop making the joke towards you.

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