[Player Conflict] Incident with BoopyDoopy129 and 75rx: Harassment on purpose

User(s): BoopyDoopy129
When: Just now
Description: I was ordinarily mining in ORE survival, minding my own business, and not touching anybody else. I got a little bit frustrated that after very long digging in search of diamonds, I only found redstone and my inventory filled up with deepslate. Just for no apparent reason, I decided to chat that.

However, BoopyDoopy129 slightly annoyed me by responding “L”. Just before I saw that I also chatted that my inventory also filled up with deepslate, and BoopyDoopy129 responded “another L”. Well, I got a little annoyed and asked him to stop. At first, I decided to tell him to stop by telling him “stfu” or “sthu”, but I thought maybe I was a bit too un-nice and decided to ask him normally to not chat “L” on me due to the fact that I gave up after a very long digging and ended up finding no diamonds while I was searching specificially diamonds.

However, whatever I tried for him not to tell that, he would never stop. I tried to end this conversation by not responding anything for a bit, but he wasn’t nice and kept chatting “L”.

I then told him not to replicate this again because that might result in a report. I don’t think we can call that a threat, since I didn’t chat something like “Bro, if you do that one more time I am reporting you!”. You will see the message I sent in the screenshots all the way down.

So yes. BoopyDoopy129 kept arguing to the point where I wanted to create a new topic in the incidents section in ORE discourse, which is this topic, as you might have guessed. I informed him that I am creating this topic, but it seems like BoopyDoopy129 didn’t care at all.


Here are the screenshots about all the short conversation we had that made me create this topic.

The beginning (I got frustrated for finding nothing I was looking for and he made me even more frustrated by calling me an L)


Asking him to stop, at first "sthu" and "stfu" but then attempting to kindly ask him to stop


Last conversation I screenshotted, but after that I informed him about me creating this topic


Generally, I think BoopyDoopy129 might need to receive a ban, and no, not for this reason, but rather because most of the time BoopyDoopy129 does not act nice, but this reason might count as well.

These screenshots above were taken around on 2023.07.02 (YYYY/MM/DD) beginning 20:00 or 8PM, or around on the same day as this topic was created.

Generally, I am not satisfied by the majority of things BoopyDoopy129 has chatted. I would like this report/incident to be issued in any way - from asking him to be nice to maybe shortly banning him, anything will be appreciated.

Best regards,
~75rx (IGN).

Boopy was warned following the incident. Unless something further happens, we’ll leave it at that.

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