[Player Conflict] Lets talk about BedlessBlade for a bit

User(s): BedlessBlade
When: About 5 mins ago
Description: So I was just on play, chilling because I was afk, and I became un afk, and I saw Bed saying something along the lines of ‘hey there is like unescapable hydraulic press thing i made’ and I was like ok guess i’ll see it. Then when i tp’d, it was on my plot, and I don’t really like people building on my plot. I said ‘can you not build this on my plot’ and he said something like ‘you always take the fun out of everything’, and when forward by saying a group of people said i take the fun out of everything. I even have proof.
Screenshot 2023-02-20 145238
So I got pretty made and now im making this report, I dont want him banned for like a long time, just for like a day, because i got really upset about it, maybe im just being childish, but like come on.

If this keeps happening on ORE, then im leaving.

Kind regards.

Alfie ‘darkno’ Thompson

Is your plot open to everyone or was Bedless specifically added/trusted?

He was trusted yes. But I didn’t expect that he would build on it, I sorta just trusted him without thinking because he was my ‘friend’. You know, trusted him without reason.

So you trusted someone to your plot, they built on it, and you want them banned for a day because they said you’re no fun?


Well, its hard to explain, I guess I just trusted him without thinking you know, and the trust was like in 2021. I just did it without thinking, and i didnt really think he would build on it.

He built the thing and i said, as I said in the post that I said to him could you ask for perms first, and then he went buck wild saying that i cant even build anything and said i took the fun away from it. Like i know it was a thing that you built for fun but like, please ask for perms first, now that i think of it, he shouldn’t really get a ban, just a warning of not to do it again. And doubled with the fact that other people said i took the fun away of everything really upset me, like i started to cry kind of upset, because that how people think about me on this server it seems and it really got to me, you know?

I think a warning is fine.

Could you please give him a warning when he becomes Unafk?

I’ll give the warning next time I get a chance.


This needs context as it is ####### annoying when people out of context things I say
For just a bit of a gag I built a box around darkno when he was afk’ing.
When he returned he seemed really mad at me for no good reason and untrusted me along with saying things about how upset he was
He was quite mad about this for again, no good reason. He then as I said, untrusted me. I asked to make a inescapable prison for fun cause he was talking about them and he said yes. So he trusted me and I made a tiny design. He was quite happy but then decided to cheat after he couldn’t out in survival then made this report.
Explanation for the “I forgor but a bunch of people said you take the fun from everything”
Yeah that was not the best thing to say but this was a legitimate thing which people were mad about.
He kept taking things way too seriously and some unnamed users (to protect them from possible backlash) got a bit upset that he kept doing this and stated that he took the fun from everything.
I do understand I may of gone a bit far on this.

The issue is he keeps taking things out of context and blowing them out of proportion and everyone who I have talked to says it is annoying that he does this. I’m actually quite upset right now as he reported things out of context or just in a way which is not the truth.
This is the leading up context to the ss he showed in the original post.

I wish people were more truthful.
(also im not expecting a reply from dark as this is not the place for back and forth discussion.)

That’s certainly somewhat different, but I’m not sure that it changes much. In the future, let’s try to be more considerate of one another.