[Player Conflict] Report from 75rx: Extremely toxic player

User(s): BedlessBlade
When: Many times, a lot. Last time: right about now.
Description: This is out of context. Staff, this player loves trying to make me cry, even though his attempts are useless. All because I am a kid (10 years old), and he seems to be really cruel and mean. I don’t have pictures yet because of chat messages going way too far away. Once I find one that is relevant, I may insert a picture as a reply.

I will now provide how mean he was for the time going by.

  1. Bad comparisons
    Once he understood how old I am, he was boat racing with me and _rzecz (before KilledbytheTV) and doing bad comparisons, for example: 10 YEAR OLD VS 13. Yes, he is 13 years old. Sometimes he was winning me and I was getting mad.

  2. Attempting to tilt me
    He tried to tilt me twice, but his attempts were useless anyway. Imagine what would happen if I would trust him… that could be chaostic. Here are the messages:
    -75rx, someone has just doxxed you.
    And then, he started talking about nuking my house irl. I pretended that I trusted him (because had to go sleep and didnt trust him), so I pretended that I got extremely scared that I left and was actually gone sleep instead. Outsmarted :slight_smile:
    The second message is:
    -someone has just told me 75rx’s address.

  3. “rekt” many times
    Anyone should understand how annoying is it when someone says rekt to you…
    He said many stuff, like “roasting” whatever, and after saying “,rekt”. Yes, a chad command. He also said something weird in other language. I immediately assumed he was saying something bad to me.

  4. “L” (not often)
    L stands for loser, or some also treat L as Noob.
    This didn’t happen that much, though.

There were many other things of him being mean to me.

Also, to not cause a lot of chaos, most of the times I was responding him with “good” or “awesome”, sometimes even ignoring what he said.

Staff, please issue this report. From asking him to not be toxic to banning him, anything will be appreciated.

If you do not trust me, please open chat logs.

If you are a staff member seeing this, thank you at least for paying attention to this report.


We are reviewing your report and will discuss an appropriate course of action.

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Idk if i can reply to this, but all this stuff is out of context. also, wat i never talked about nuking your house artefox was trying to make you leave bc you were toxic

75rx, while Bedless is at fault to some extent, much of what you have done can be considered overreacting. Comparisons between two people in a race are entirely normal. Along with that, threatening to report other members isn’t the best course of action. We are not more likely to accept your reports over anyone else’s and it may come off as immature. If you have an issue to report, just report it, don’t make a scene. Both your behavior AND Bedless’s is feeding into a cycle of you getting upset with one another, it’s best to leave each other be.

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Thank you for letting me know, and your decisions. If I see BedlessBlade be arguing on me again, I’ll just pretend I didn’t see the message at all (in other words I won’t respond) to not cause any chaos again.

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kids are always toxic its a life rule
and there are very little exeptions also wow u are super impersive for a 10 yr old

Please do not reply on posts that aren’t yours.

This report was from 2 months ago. It doesn’t need additional responses (especially since this had nothing to do with you) so I’ll go ahead and lock it.