[Player Conflict] Someone please deny this player from my plot thanks

Remember the conflict between BedlessBlade and us? It is still going on. This player is abnormally annoying. I try my best to ignore whatever he says. At the final times, this player:

  1. Frequently attempts to crash me by asking him to teleport to him for his “cOoL exPLOiT”, while, I know, it’s just billions of anvils to prevent me from logging in again. I know what he wants to do, and I simply never trust him.
    Latest scam will be posted as a reply. I try to take a picture directly here, but says low memory.
    This one is definitely rule breaking. This is essentially almost permanently banning someone for no reason, while the player is not a staff member at all, not even Engineer.

  2. Doesn’t listen to me when I ask him to stop talking to me.

  3. Frequently attempts to teleport to me. This might sound silly, I literally don’t want him to teleport to me.
    It would be even better if he would be denied on my plot. Wish he will.
    Now, I can just do /tptoggle. However, I need other players to also teleport to me.

  4. Rarely, but sometimes chats random and bad jokes about me, like insulting. That happened like 2 times.

  5. I am just an ordinary dude, who’s talking to somebody else. And then this dude “connects” to our talkings. We don’t even ask him to talk with us at all, he starts to talk with us without any permission. Now, this might sound just fine… at first. Then he starts to create random chaos, or other person starts to talk to him but no longer to me about the same thing, while they did not finish talking to me.

  6. Lies on reports. When he or his friend gets reported by anybody, he will pretend it is fake.

If you, staff, don’t trust me, please open chat logs. Current time is December 12 2022. This is the current day.

User(s): BedlessBlade
When: Today, and a while back.
Description: Oops… well, I wrote it above.
But, why should he get denied from my plot? Because this player is just very abnormally annoying. He’s also bothering me when I use or build my redstone. He starts flying around me, telling random stuff that I wish I shouldn’t have read. I kick this player from my plot. He rejoins. I kick this player. He rejoins. I kick this player. He rejoins. I kick this playe- and that will go on forever.

I like this server, because I love redstone, but what the server has to deal with is community members. BedlessBlade acts like the way I described on the very above only when there are no staff members online. And, there are currently no staff members online, not even through discord. Plus, this report provides a screenshot, so I had to put it here.

Best regards,
-75rx (IGN).

Latest scam.

Don’t respond on reports unrelated to you.

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Bedless was warned earlier today, if anything further happens we’ll handle it accordingly.

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