[Player Conflict] Survival Harassment

User(s): FireTner, and some from others.
When: Throughout the past few weeks.
Description: Throughout the past few week(s) the Survival server has been much more active. What comes with a burst of activity always has some drawbacks… About a week ago FireTner invited me to build next to his minibase. I decided to built a small house (floating in the air cuz why the hell not xd)
I logged on the next day to see the top part of my house destroyed and a hole in the wall of it along with the entrance being destroyed. Now I (obviously) was quite upset about this griefing and checked CoreProtect logs. FireTner had removed the top of the house along with some of it being removed from Tukeque (quite surprising as they are a staff member) I didn’t think much of this but after asking them why they griefed, they stated things such as this, “The house is ugly, you should remove it” “We are going to give you two options, you can remove the house yourself, or we will remove it” “The top level was really ugly so we broke it” and many more technically subjective things. Now if Les is reading this, you can go ahead and skip to the next paragraph as you already know everything that happened that time. I then proceeded to start repairing the house. Only to relog 10 minutes later to see it put back to the griefed state. I then was again told I had to destroy my house as it was ugly and fire and tuke didn’t like it. And the thing is, most of the people in the community there didn’t want it destroyed. Only FireTner and Tukeque. I then started an argument (yes I know this is not what I am supposed to do but please listen to the rest) I got super mad that people were randomly changing/griefing my house with no permission or even informing me before they did so. I was also INSANELY upset when Tuke began to side with people that my house should be torn down. Eventually Les logged on and sided with me that my build was before any walls, or community was built. It was the oldest thing other than fire’s mini base. Les eventually told them they could not just kick me out and remove my builds.

     In the past 2 hours Hyperholy and FireTner have been saying "we should kick bed from this" and other such things "he is annoying af we need to remove him somehow" and getting super mad at me. Later I did build a random little iron cube for no good reason... BUT I had begun to tare it down as they asked me and I took a break to work on my irl project currently, a haptic vest, and when I relogged the cube was fully gone and a house being built where it was. They were hesitant to give me  back my 4 stacks of iron blocks and only did after I said asked MANY times for it back. So now I simply go into fire's house for fun (cuz it's freaking minecraft) and just go behind his walls for no good reason. Yea looking back I just wanted to have fun, apparently that is not a thing anymore. Anyways he gets SUPER mad at me demanding me to put everything back to perfection, which I do end up doing cause I just had wanted to mess around. He ends up getting insanely mad saying things like "I am reporting you now" "I was "calm" but not anymore" "you are so annoying" and many other things. Also Hyperholy kept calling me annoying and generally just insulting me.

I know that this is not a very serious issue for you but it is genuinely draining me and my patience. It really hurts me when people get incredibly mad about small things especially in a video game. It also hurts a lot when absolutely NOBODY wants you included or anything such. Survival used to be fun but not really anymore. Also note, I know that the wall thing might have technically been griefing or something which I am sad about but 2 blocks is nothing compared to over 50 he removed from my house. I really just want ORE to be a fun community. People are taking things way to seriously and
it’s genuinely at a harassment level. Having people call things you make “ugly” and saying you should leave is not the most fun thing.

                                                                                       I do not expect anything to come out of this but FireTner says he is posting a report on me for those two blocks and some other randomly mixed in stuff. He also keeps threatening things such as removing the house and other builds etc. I do not expect anything to come out of this but I just wanted to provide my side if he is serious about reporting me. Have a good day!


P.S. Sorry about the line thing I don’t know what is going on lel

Following a very brief conversation, Bedless expressed a willingness to move his base. Unless either party wants something more from the staff team, I think I’ll leave it there.

Ok many people seem to be siding on bed’s side I want to add that bed fired tnt both inside and near the base without permission basically griefing, broke trees leaving the top, and after I trusted him with one of my villagers which I told him to make good enchant he used it only for himself threatening me if I kill it and many more stuff similiar to this.

He also keeps victimising himself so while his story is partly true he’s overreacting. For example while I said “I was calm…” (not reporting him until last moment) and “I am reporting you now” I did not say he is annoying. (Check discord logs for proof)

Example of his repeated victimising:
Out of nowhere he started building an iron cube in a newly cleared area. I told him to not do it calmly and nicely (It was after I tried to make up with him which didn’t last long). Afterwards he saying we are saying it’s ugly and that we’re cyber bullying him and similiar stuff.

Tukeque also broke 2 blocks after it was all broken by me. I never gave permission to build base there either.

His “contributions” to the village are: giving rz one axolotl, making his base, making his second base, after trying to get as many crafting tables placing them on walls.

TLDR Bedless never got permission for house I griefed. Bedless repeatedly griefed. Bedless keeps trying to act like the victim overlooking what’s he doing. Leave tuke out of this.

Although bedless expressed his willingness he said he won’t do anything until you say something: Discord

Alr well. I have a response to this which disproves a lot of this. First off, I did not say I was reporting you first, you did. Second. By definition voting someone to be kicked from a group for doing physically nothing and threatening to destroy their builds is the DEFINITION of cyber bullying practically. Third, you did indeed give me permission to build there as you asked me to move in so it is understood. Fourth, the villager I got had a pretty decent trade which used to sell for a good amount on here. Riptide 3 is quite wanted and in the early days of the server would sell for upwards of 10 diamonds. I also did not threaten you with the villager, and if I did it was only after you stated something similar to this. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU THAT IS A TERRIBLE TRADE” and then “Im going to kill this villager if you even touch this trading hall one more time.” Last, you actually ADMIT to griefing and call it that. I built as I was told I could. The tnt cannon thing was a fun project with timing and was aimed the complete opposite direction from your base and exploded tnt in the air intentionally not on the ground. You also continue to state that the trees I cut down 60 blocks outside the walls was a huge deal or something. For the victimisation, I only say these things AFTER you talk about killing that villager, talk about destroying my house, talk about kicking me and moch me, and a few others which is NOT victimising by definition.

I am actually extremely upset as I was still considering moving my base or some sort of arrangement then you reply and cause more drama from a situation which was settling down. I will continue to remain neutral in this argument as you try to defend yourself by saying other things wrong about me.

Bedless, when I asked if you were willing to move, I didn’t ask for my enjoyment. If you’re not gonna move then don’t mislead me.

Also, this report is not the right place for you two to have a back and forth.