[Player Conflict] Survival Report from 75rx: Massive harassment & Building on unwanted area & Massive inconvenience

User(s): vieneky
When: Last time right now, but it kept happening as soon as he found my house
Description: I was building a mob farm, when vieneky found my house (next to rzecz’s melon farm). I was impressed a bit and didn’t care. He took a look at my items, that’s great.
Once I got home, I also realized he took 2 cobblestone from me, so I asked him to return and he did, so that doesn’t count.
He also griefed my area just 1% but he returned resources required to fix.

But a few hours later, this guy really got cringe and stopped understanding.
Basically, at first, he wanted to build a house just next to mine. I told him to not as it literally uglifies the place. (Between mine and rzecz’s melon farm)

Later on he wanted to build it underground and he wanted it to connect to my house underground. He made a cobblestone and dirt sofa/“TV”. However, I literally told him to not do that, but he did it anyway.
I told him to get rid of this building.

A few minutes later after abandoning the house, he decided to build it under the dirt.
I told him to abandone that too and don’t build any house in a 75 block radius from mine (height does not matter).

And he did it again. Just around 30 blocks away, his “jaccuzi”. Jaccuzi in the open area. Mmm.
I got really aggrevated, so I told him to finally, stop it, understand it. But he didn’t. I told him not to joke on me, stop it, take it seriously, literally abandone it and listen to me, don’t build anything!
That took no effect. He did not abandone the building and it seems like still is under construction.
Moreover, vieneky is a beginner on ORE survival, so I highly doubt he has no resources to even build a jaccuzi or a normal-looking house. He only has an enchanted diamond chestplate and leggings given from player Whiskers_xd for free.

And vieneky will never stop this time. I think almost everyone will dislike it uglifying their area by adding some empty house, similar to a dirt house.


I cannot insert videos, but I can show some chat messages proving that he does not understand even me telling him that a report will be processed on him for any continuation. These are the last messages that made me create this topic. As you can see, it doesn't look like he cares.


In the top image, he’s complaining like it’s his area but it’s literally 20 blocks away from my house.

I want this report to be issued as soon as possible, please do it before vieneky starts uglifying even more area.🙏

I will highly appreciate it if this report gets issued. I think he should be told not to build anything, it doesn’t look like he understands me, so hopefully he should understand staff. And even if that doesn’t help, I think the only and the best choice would be banning him.

Thank you a lot for reading !

his jaccuzi ended up being a weird underground base covered in trapdorors which is like extremely tight and you have to crawl the entire house, it’s ugly, i’m not sure if i can remove it tho so i better not risk getting permaban

update: it was finally removed and all vieneky’s buildings are gone in a giant radius, at least atm

This has been handled in game.

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