Plot borders

Instead of having it so no one can build on the plot borders extend the borders by 1 to the stone walls but we still can’t edit or remove the stone walls that way we can send signals across if we want



I actually think this is a good idea!

doit staff

I believe there is a technical reason we can’t do this with plotsquared. I’m not familiar with the specifics.

wow i didnt think this would receive this much attention lol but if we can overcome the technical difficulties then that would b amazing

we can mod plotsquared.


Sorry but I am not touching PlotSquared with a 10 foot pole…

And I love this idea as a concept but yeah, it is practically impossible to implement without some significant PlotSquared modifications.

O ok nvm

Even for a polish person that is quite tall, can you settle for a 6 foot pole?

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accually we used to have something similar to this back in 2015 or so
but i have no clue technical wise :|`