Plot Request for a Project

After a few days of searching for a flying machine server; visiting servers and talking to people. I have not found a public server devoted to flying machines and I wanted to exploit this niche. My guess is that most of the talent for these machines are either in private servers, in technical survival servers, or hiding within our ranks.

My goal for this project is to create an unofficial Plot’O Flying to collect machines that are available online or submitted by our community. I am willing to do so in an organized manner.

Moreover, I think any further development of these machines could attract players to our server, or prestige. It could also be the base for components like printing machines or even a new kind of computing.

I am requesting a plot on the builder server with the possibility of expanding.


This could be part of the Plot ‘o Logic, maybe? Although, I’m not really a fan of having flying machines on a computational redstone server. It’s a little odd

I assume that’s why he asked for a builder plot rather than to add it to POL. I think it’d be nice to have something for people working on other types of redstone.