Question about getting on the server

i want to join the school server. How do i actually get on the server? Im very new to this

nevermind i got it

In case you might need:

*anybody feel free to let me know if you see something wrong

Command Server Description
/spawn Where new players spawn in
/school Where Students build (/apply to become a Student)
/build Where players with rank higher than Student build
/play Where players with at least of rank Student can explode, PVP, drop items on their or others plots (requires plot build permissions to do so on other plots)
/boat Where nobody (except staff) can build on anybody's plot unless a non-staff player have build permissions; everyone can interact with buttons, pressure plates, and levers, everyone on /boat plots can also place and ride boats. This is where Builders (or higher) build boat tracks so that people can race alone or with others.
/competition Where a competition starts. Whoever builds the best redstone build, which is always generated by staff every competition, wins nothing. For example, if the theme, which is generated by staff, is a tic tac toe machine, then whoever builds the best tic tac toe machine over the next 7 days (I believe) wins (nothing).
/survival An SMP, where players with at least rank Builder can play. There are rules in this SMP, like no stealing, no griefing, no killing without consent, etc. The SMP resets every time the target Minecraft Version (e.g. 1.16.4, 1.17.1, 1.18.2, etc) for ORE updates.
/seasonal Same as survival, except it resets every few weeks or months. ORE Seasonal is not always a thing on ORE, meaning you have to wait for ORE Seasonal to re-appear if you can't find it, or /seasonal does not work, which takes a few months.
/list Not a server, but lists all other available servers on the server and who/how many players are in each server.
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