Question for rx

rx. how OLD ARE YOU
Boopy is 100% right dude. If you don’t like him saying L, THAT SUCKS
You make more reports on this website than literally ANYONE ELSE
Instead of reporting, it might be a good idea to fix the said “Anger issues” spoken about in previous appeals instead of reporting everyone that annoys you.

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As much as I don’t love getting a ton of reports, community members are free to report if they feel there’s an issue worth reporting, whether or not others disagree. There’s no harm since ultimately the decision is up to staff. In the words of the almighty Don_Manuel_1229, “be naice”.

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o7 Don.
I’m not trying to be mean, per se, but reporting someone because they say “L” when you have collected some materials is kind of ridiculous. That’s the type of thing that you just ignore. If anything, rx spamming “omg stop im going to report you” is gonna make boopy go "oh haha lol he’s mad ima do it some more. (The griefing thing is a viable report, tho). But I feel like, given the amount of reports that rx has made, it might be a him issue, and not an other people issue.

Side note: les do you have a life outside of ORE? You literally started replying to this in about 30 seconds after I posted it.

Came to check Discourse for smth in #staff-help, didn’t realize you posted this 5 minutes ago. My point still stands, you can think what you like but it’s fine for him to report stuff he feels we should look into.

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The situation was already handled

Why would you want to continue the conversation over the report that has already been handled? This just shows that staff did not need additional information to handle the report.

Minor actions were required

If you take a look at my report and scroll down, you'll see I didn't want him to receive a ban. Why argue then?

I'm under age


I’m only 11, don’t you know? Stop arguing over children.
Moreover, I hate it being called an L. Get it now and stop arguing. I hope you understand.

It’s not an argument RX. And I’m not trying to dredge up anything. Arguably, I could have written it in a better way, but I meant that it might be time to examine your own behavior instead of reporting everyone. Better?

I only report when I want a situation to be handled asap but no staff online or also screenshots

I have a question about something you just said. “If you take a look at my report and scroll down, you’ll see I didn’t want him to receive a ban” why would you report him then? just to upset people? No one is going to do anything about a report that is for a non existent problem that you started. This is like your fifth report on boopy, just stop. It’s annoying to everyone. If it really offends you I think you need to see it for how minor it really is. If you get offended by jokes and people just being idiots online then maybe ORE is not the place you want to spend the most time. The world will not revolve around you in the real world. It is better to learn to let things go, there is no report button in real life, consider what you would do in real life if these same things happened.

Not trying to start an argument or offend you and I do not expect a reply, please just think about things.

If you do try and make an argument about this I will not participate in childish bickering. Also if you want to try and get me punished for this, go for it. I do not care, I do not play on ORE anymore

One message to tell, a lot of people are actually being confused as well.

It’s not that much of a report. I mean, it “kind of” is.
Basically, I did want the situation to be handled as fast as possible, basically I wanted staff members participating on this network to inform them not to provide unwanted actions on me again. I wanted that to happen as soon as possible but at the time no staff members were online.
Yet another reason was because the post includes screenshots, proving that this is true.
I mean, I don’t think I should put this kind of topic somewhere else (i.e. General or Uncategorized), Incidents just fits the most.

For f*cks sake, bed. You come back and the first thing you do is start arguing with RX? You’re better than that, m8. Please don’t.

Edit: just read what bed said. Yes, that is what I’m trying to say. If being called an L offends you, honestly just don’t play video games at this point.

edit 2: gg on getting a job!

um im not trying to argue with rx, trying to actually be civil.
also astro please do not try to escalate things to an argument. Ik your age thrives off of arguing but like… please just let things stay civil

How about just change it to next time you see the staff you mention it, instead of posting an entire thing. It is a bit nicer and does not start arguments. It also would make a lot less drama about it. So yeah maybe consider just like waiting a couple of hours till you see a staff member to tell them. If it is not a full report or something serious probably best not to make entire formal reports. Thanks for not trying to argue this time!

I get it. Thank you.

Ok, yeah then we won’t have a bunch of reports, and the staff get a bunch more time to their actual lives. And you still get to tell staff about problems you are having.

Advice for talking to boopy, do not like argue, if you just say “ok” or nothing at all he usually just does not argue or say L at all. And when he does say “L” when you aren’t saying it, don’t take it personally cause his personality just has him say “L” all the time to literally everyone lol

I see. Thank you for letting me know.
However, Don did mention a few times that Boop did not act nice, but idc.

Yeah, if it bothers you then maybe just send a message to an admin or something. Over time boopy will stop getting as mad at you because he sees you aren’t posting reports anymore.

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I don’t see why you are assuming my age, but OK. And it’s not overly civil to basically throw in an insult about how my age likes arguing. I was merely trying to prevent an argument-which is pointless, because it does not appear one exsisted in the first place. Misread the situation-sorry about that.

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