RedstoneTools, the tools of which make redstoning easier. Yes


A collection of tools (mostly WorldEdit-related) for working with redstone



Like WorldEdit’s //stack, but

  • allows the stacked copies to overlap
  • supports more directions, in particular ones used in diagonal building orientations
  • has a flag for expanding the selection to cover the whole stacked area

Usage: //rstack [-e] [direction] [count] [spacing]

  • -e: when specified, the selection is expanded
  • direction: the usual WorldEdit directions. Additionally, u or d may be appended to
    most directions to get a diagonal (in the y-axis) direction. Defaults to me
    (whatever direction you’re looking at)
  • count: how many copies to stack. Defaults to 1.
  • spacing: how far apart copies should be stacked. Defaults to 2 due to that being
    common in redstoning.

NOTE: The order of arguments does not matter apart from count and spacing.

//find [mask]

Search a selected region for a specific WorldEdit material mask.

//signsearch|//ss [regex]

Search a selected region for signs that match a provided regex.


Gives the player a chest, barrel, hopper, or furnace with the proper amount of items to provide a signal strength of specified power.

Usage: /container [type] [power]

  • type: a container of type chest, barrel, hopper, or furnace.
  • power: an integer of range 0 through 15.


Gives the player an upside-down slab of specified type

Usage: /slab [type]

  • type: a type of slab


gradle build or ./gradlew build


@PaukkuPalikka Is currently reworking the //signsearch command to fix a regexploit issue. We’ll have that added once it is resolved.

Any other fun things people want to be added in RedstoneTools?

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Is it a forge or fabric mod? or is it a server plugin. I kinda think its forge though.

I think its a plugin

It’s a Spigot server plugin

By the way, we added a command to RedstoneTools.

/autowire or /aw : When enabled, AutoWire places redstone dust on top of the blocks that you are placing given that redstone can be placed on them.

This is useful for many things, specifically bussing. Won’t have to go back through your build and rewire or //overlay redstone_wire. You can also just place the source signal and buss your line real easily, placing repeaters where need be.

Also, combine this with /slab and get some satisfying automatically-wired slab towers going.

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cement (noun)

Definition of cement

The regexploit issue has been fixed. Actually, it was fixed months ago, but I’ve been busy with other stuff. It is still missing multiline searching functionality though.

Things that might be coming soon [tm:

  • Reworking the internal structure of the plugin
  • Interfacing with redstone:
    • Read values from a bus into chat, once or every time it changes
    • Write values onto a bus with a command
    • This will probably be based on some concept of an “IO pin”. Reading values is easy enough, the plugin just needs a location for a wire (picked by clicking a redstone dust or whatever). Writing might be more challenging if there is something else driving the wire as well. In that case, a way to “cut” the wire might be needed.
    • The “IO pin” idea would be somewhat general-purpose, not just for dumping things into chat. Maybe run a CPU emulator together with your CPU and verify that registers hold what the emulator says they should.
  • Some way of keeping track of changes to a redstone build. (Think git but for redstone.) This would likely integrate with Schemati in some way.

That’s about it ,thanks for reading ,

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