Resolve Some Conflicts by Muting

Requested Change:bring mutes into place to stop arguments mutes are not being used at all i think i would understand if mutes would be started being used to stop arguments or conflicts between one another
Reasons for change:because of that a lot of things happen small arguments may begin and then turn huge and then people get banned for a long time its better to use mutes its gonna help the community have less arguments or conflicts.
Reasons for no change (optional but recommended):dunno what this means

First of all I would petition for You to use punctuation withi your sentences. It is almost impossible to follow ur posts.
It does not seem like you proofread your posts at all, and I would highly recommend you change that, if you want people to take you seriously. This is a forum afterall. If you are not familiar with online forums please research proper etiquette prior to your reply.



See above.

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you dont use any shut up seriously this is my petition not urs.

Staff has decided to reject this petition. We would also like to note that improving the quality of your grammar would also likely improve the post’s performance.