[Rule 1] Harassment

User(s): 75rx
When: idk maybe since last month
Description: He keeps getting upset at me for small things such as saying rekt at every sentence. Just to clarify, this is just to be possibly funny, I always clarify that I mean it as a joke when I say it and someone gets mad. Here is the main part, he threatens to report me and others all the time, such as once I said rekt (in a sarcastic way) and he said “Bed you have 1 more chance then report bc your too toxic” and he has also just joined up in mild harassment. I love this community, but not when people harass you for making small jokes such as “ban capo” and get all mad at the person who says that, he always just is very mean and mocking of me. I would like this to be addressed. Thank you!

We are currently having a discussion about the best way to handle this situation. Thank you for your report.

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Thank you, also I think he is writing a report about me right now. I also would consider this abuse of this platform which is for real things.

Please read my report too.

We are notified when new reports are created, there is no need to reply on someone else’s report.


Bedless, your interactions with 75rx have been questionable at times. If someone makes it clear they’d prefer you don’t say things like ‘L’ and ‘rekt’ then it’s best to avoid it. Talking about how he was doxxed is very much not something you should do to any member of ORE. At this point, even if what you’ve said/done hasn’t been problematic, it is still clear that 75rx is not someone you’ve had the best interactions with and it may be best to limit future interactions. Both your behavior AND 75rx’s is feeding into a cycle of you getting upset with one another, it’s best to leave each other be.

I agree, my behavior at some times was completely unacceptable, I am trying to do better for the future. Thank you for your time.

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