[Rule 1 - Plagarism] Ban this kid

User(s): Kenai__MineCraf
When: I found out today
Description: today he sent me a link to a video that he made with my 4x4 without asking me to use MY design and he didnt ask me if he could use it and he claimed in the video that the door was his and he never gave me credit. I can prove that i made that 4x4 before that video was made.
NUEVO SERVIDOR DE MINECRAFT MULTIJUGADOR [informacion en la descripcion] - YouTube skip to 6:08

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ye ban kenai he’s really annoying

also i know you’re doing this to get the mods to unban you because you’re try to prove that you’re a good boiii now but it doesn’t work that way

first off no i am not trying to get unbanned u dumb shit and i want him banned becuz he stole my stuff calling it his

Given that the member in question is currently banned from the Discord. I’d consider this resolved, despite, unfortunately, not getting a staff response previously.