[Rule 1 - Plagarism] ItsMrPro impersonation

User(s): ItsMrPro2917 (and now Q_Smally)
When: Since 18/04/2020
Description: ItsMrPro decided it was a fun idea to change his IGN to Q_Smally, but wanting to change it back immediately after. Little did he read, he can’t change his IGN back within a month.

That’s fine and all, but this is why I’m bothered:

Sammyuri also told him that “if you want to be builder, don’t cheat, it’s not worth it”. Implying that he tried asking “where did my builder rank go?!” and cheating the system.

I would at least suggest giving this person a nickname, otherwise, people would confuse him saying things for me.


yea i got confused too and thought his rank got removed

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