[Rule 1] Report from 75rx: Calling me the thing that shouldn't be allowed

User(s): artefox
When: Just now
Description: I’ve been in a spleef event. Artefox was killing me many times before lesbian gave up, so I just decided to troll him. Took my sharpness 100 axe and started onetapping him. Not of course every time he was joining, just a bit later than that. After that I stopped. Artefox was swearing a lot, but that’s not my report. Later on, he said “75rx, tp rn”. I teleported and saw PIGS. Then he chatted this: look at my finger:

If you don’t see the image, he spawned pigs and said “dis u?” Or “dis ur brother” and started naming them like George. He put a jukebox with music disc Pigstep and pigs on a redstone dancing floor. Proofs: Open Chat log and go to August 15.

Once I said “I will report you”, he instantly tried to say “It’s technoblade party!”, to try not getting him banned. Otherwise he could continue anyway.

“But 75rx, what is wrong with this? He’s just calling you an animal! He is not disrupting the chat!”

I am literally from/born in Azerbaijan. In this country, we are muslims. Pork for muslims are forbidden (not allowed), especially pigs.
Basically he’s calling me by an dirty and not-allowed animal, and I am a muslim.

Also I don’t think moderators that deal with chat mostly (Don for example) were online. None of moderators or admins were even chatting 1 letter at least

If this is rule breaking, please lmk. If not, fine, I won’t be playing for 10 days.


Staff, this is pulled out of context, he tries to get as many people in trouble as possible. Please review all chat logs. I believe this message wasnt even sent to him… arte was just doing a technoblade momorial…

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He changed his mind as soon as I said that I will report him.

bro u making this shit up

no he didnt
stop lying

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Then don’t call me by a pig. Always know what to chat! :slight_smile:

They did not call you a pig.

We’ll see. Let staff check the chat logs.

Staff will review this soon. For now, the back and forth replies seem unproductive so the post is locked.


Following some staff discussion, the situation has been handled. No punishments were given but artefox was advised not to do this again.