[Rule 5] Report from 75rx - Innapropriate builder & "rooster"

User(s): Spriggan12
When: Just now
Description: This player is very cringe, to be honest. But, the cringy thing does not matter.
This player kept building like 10 d!cks all in many places of one player’s plot. I built a giant e letter on their plot, which I forgot to remove (but I will), and yet he started building 3 more d!cks inside my giant e.

Although the player was removing them, it may seem fine. Afterall, I was just ignoring whatever he was telling me to do, chilling and jumping around my /build plot in the meantime. Right before he left for like 7 minutes, I got this message.

Best regards,
-75rx (IGN)

Just a note on only my behalf, there are several things that dispute your claim:

  1. The owner himself has a dick on his plot, though its kinda obscure.
  2. You have made a big letter E on it. I don’t know what the greater purpose of that is, but to me it feels like you have made more mess on the plot as of this moment. If it was not a joke plot before, it looks even more like it now for people to put stuff on it.
  3. The person in question has already removed the dicks in fast fashion.

Speaking about that ‘e’, I planned to remove it later, but I forgot.

Your report is currently being reviewed and you should receive a response within the next day or so. Sorry for the delay.

Good day. Recently this player was also super rude. Since he didn’t get noticed by staff members in time, he was like chatting some real bad words, later on responding something like “cries…” while I wasn’t obviously. I know this may be considered as a joke, but this also may need to be handled. I think banning this player for being such innapropriate is a good idea.

If anything new has come up, I recommend sending relevant screenshots here to aid in our decision-making.

Please, open chat logs. (December 29 2022)

Following staff discussion we have decided not to take any action at this time. If anything new comes up, feel free to let us know and we’ll handle it accordingly.