[Rule 8] Harassment again

User(s): SlacinAce and Classified5
When: Just a few minutes ago
Description: About 20 minutes ago I celebrated newyears and someone had joked about “racism = fun” so i just simply said it wasn’t. This spiked a HUGE conflict where these 2 players called me racist, a devil, and a communist. Now personally I don’t really care about being called a communist that much. But they just continue to keep saying this stuff even when I said to stop multiple times. Here are a few screenshots for you to look at. Im not expecting a ban but I just want this logged for future reference or smth. I don’t really hold too much against class because he was drinking heavily at the time.
Screenshot 2023-01-01 003340
Screenshot 2023-01-01 003320
Screenshot 2023-01-01 003142
Screenshot 2023-01-01 003058
Screenshot 2023-01-01 003011
Also I believe the last 2 images are in the reverse order
Best wishes

Following staff discussion we have decided to ban the offenders for 3 days.

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meanwhile i get banned for 14days for chat infraction :I

Please do not talk on posts that aren’t yours.

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Oops, sorry