[Rule 8 - Lag] Student building lag machine & lying

User(s): Wueffi
When: Just now
Description: Lag machines on school & blames another builder (zebek) for building it

Image one shows him blaming zebek for turning it on, logs of the lever in chat.
Image two shows him saying he was “testing” the server to see if it would lag
Image three shows the plot desc
Image four is the initial image that I took
Image five shows him saying “lag machine”
I explained to him that he couldn’t make this, he started tearing it apart.

_zebek pulled a lever that he placed

No he didn’t lol, I checked the logs on the lever you showed me.
image 1

I started “tearing it apart” before you told me that I couldn’t make this. You came to my plot bc I asked how I can delete 100 Armourstands.

And _zebek pulled a lever that HE placed. And I pulled MY Lever, that I placed.

Thank you, Bedless. A warning was already issued to Wueffi, Don said “to just not crash the server”, however we will be adopting a “no lag machines” policy from now on. Wueffi, please avoid them in School, or Build.